Does intelligent life exist outside the Universe?


Anthropomorphism of intelligence

Ever wonder if God stays awake all night, or needs sleep too? To visit God’s home, you’d what, fly “up” on a rocket? Up, from…. where? What color are God’s shoes? A blueprint of God’s house – in 11 dimensions… How many rooms are adjacent to the washroom?

Our brains are adapted to Earthly survival…. We’re hardwired to think of day, night, sleep, awake, up, down, blue, green, red, 3D, edible, inert, dead, living, and all sorts of other concepts that really exist only in the human mind, the human eye’s photoreceptors, and in earthly reference frames, … Processing the world in these terms gives us a leg up on our adversaries. Namely, sharks, bears, worms, and trees. Competing species.

And yet it’s all pretty much N/A for the rest of the universe.

Human intuition of time

We think of time this way as beginnings and endings. As ordered. As universal. I can out-plan a dinosaurs. Can you? One reason we both exist now and dinos do not is because we plan. Yet, we really don’t understand the true nature of “time”. Our hardwiring thinks of time as a single universal value, yet its nature is a quantification of “opportunity for interactions” between two things. Which, is also what space is. Our brains don’t intuit easily in terms of relativity or quantum or “space time”.

Same for how we think about “logic”, which is really more intuition than it is true and universal. Our minds think “logically, if A happens before B, then…” Seems logical. Infallible. Truly universal. But there’s no such thing as A happening before B unless you know about C, the observer. A was before B for me, it can be vice versa for you. Our “logic” is only intuition.

So: this universe. How can something be created from nothing? Something must have created the universe, ya? So, there must be something, then, outside the universe, ya? God! Laws of physics exist - why? God. Seems like infallible logic. We have hardwiring though, inside our heads, that are intuiting out concepts beyond the hardware’s limits.

It’s the only wiring we have, we can’t help but process everything in this way.

What if the universe is simulated? On a computer, made of what, atoms? Why would whatever’s simulating this be composed of the same stuff it’s simulating? Maybe the computer is made of magic, running in magical 11 dimensions. Humanthink.

Comfort to some, uncomfortable to others

To: the possibility of a Creator. A God. What is it that makes regularist physicalism aficionados so uncomfortable about the possibility of an intelligent creator? The word “God”. The root is - anthropomorphism. We project human-qualities onto a creational force, and call that “God”. Religious arguments are less about whether a creator exists and more about how like us a creator is.

Like, if a creator was a law of 11-dimensional extra-universal strings or branes or whatever else sounds super complex - if that’s our Big Banger - we don’t call it “God”.

We think of God, as being an intelligence that thinks as we think. That thinks in streams of consciousness. Sentience in a single-thread. A God with wants, desires, logics, a past, a future. A God that outplans us. God has a train of thought, playing out over time.

But that’s just our brain’s hardwiring.

Multithreaded Intelligence

Thought Experiment time! What if our brains evolved to the point each of our hemispheres took on its own sentience? It’s own stream of consciousness? Two identities with different hopes, different thoughts, different lives, communicating at a high level, in unspoken linguistics… “Siamese Twins”, within our own heads. The advent of multi-threaded human sentience in a single brain.

Surely, a God would have more threads than a human, my human mind intuits. Maybe infinitely-threaded. And maybe processing at infinite speeds. All thoughts over all time everywhere at once. Maybe so infinite there’s no threads. Or time.

Is this still “God”? It sounds like the physical laws of our universe, sorta, but that’s just a waypoint note on my train of thought here.

Spectrum of Intelligence

With intelligence, the spectrum of its nature is broader than human sentience-like intelligence. Whatever’s in-play that’s created all these atoms in space - it may not be a human-like stream of consciousness logicking out the creation, nor have “spent time” planning it out. And yet, still be an intelligence. We have no idea what the nature of intelligence is outside the universe, all attempts to think about it suffer from our human hardwiring and anthropomorphism about a creator. We can only intuit with imperfection.

To many, bridging the gap between these sorts of thoughts and cosmology is the pinnacle of human existence. Please, somebody, in our lifetime - explain the link between all of the above and cosmology. Why is this here. Why space is. Why space expands. Why math works. Why dimensions. Why particle fields. Why time. Why are we here?.

One sure thing: the universe is a very intelligent design.

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