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Topics on Physics and Space Exploration, with an emphasis on Simulation

We, stupidRocketTricks users, are a community of Technology and Space Exploration & Simulation Professionals, Experts, and Enthusiasts sharing common interests.

We are interested in sharing news, research, observations, commentary, humor and other topics within our community, with an emphasis on space flight simulation (and gaming!). We are not a commercial endeavor nor are we here for the purpose of being monetized. No ads, we are community supported, at least until we go broke.

The mission of this site is education, web traffic is a non-goal. We endeavor to serve original content with technical elements in place. We will boldly go where few websites have gone before, leave formulas and code in our content, mass market be damned! This is a place where those of us who may have always been picked last for gym class finally have the advantage. And every once in a while expect a guest column, “Pop Culture for scientists and engineers” so our readership can relate to outside conversations… So if you’ve wondered what a “Awkwafina”, “Drake”, or “Doja Cat” is but have been too afraid to ask - we got ya there, too.

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The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t have a space program.

-Larry Niven

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Gamergenic is an independent game developer focused on premium space simulation and gaming.

  • Bellevue, Washington, USA
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China

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